Become a Supplier

PREMIUM LISTING – (option 3)

Premium listings are only available in selected areas.  This will be discussed upon receiving your application
A Premium Listing offers the following benefits to you:
  1. Preference to referrals over Casual Listings
  2. Discounted referral fees
  3. Automatic matching and allocation of referrals
  4. Get names and contact details of Customers sent to you via email and / or SMS.  It frees you up to do your work, so you don´t have to take calls when you are busy
  5. This means you never lose a call or money!
  6. You choose the areas in which you want to advertise and you have Full Control over to change those areas at any time The use of “Filters”.  This is useful to exclude certain types of referrals
  7. You only pay for leads sent to you, in other words, you don´t pay for something not knowing what response you will get, like conventional advertising
  8. You can change your Status to "Not Available" when you are snowed under or want to go on holiday. 
  9. You will then not receive any referrals and will not have to pay
  10. The choice of receiving SMS’s or not
  11. Getting a daily email reminder with all “open” jobs you should be working on
  12. Access to our “Notice Board” where you can look for referrals of interest to you which did not initially match your profile
  13. Customers gets a link to your website (if applicable), in our confirmation email sent to them
  14. A designated After A Quote Agent to assist with any queries.
What do we expect from Suppliers
  1. Everything as per Option 1
  2. Meet with a representative
  3. Provide sufficient proof for verification of the documents requested.
  4. Entering into our written “Agreement of Supply”
What to do Next
  1. Complete the form to the right and indicate your preferred Listing Option
  2. The current yearly listing fee is $2990.  Large discounts are available for online applications!
  3. You will be asked to transfer $250 into your “Top-up Account”.  The referral charges are deducted from here and when it gets close to $0, you will be asked top top-up again.