Become a Supplier

CASUAL LISTING – (option 1)

A Casual Listing offers the following benefits to you:
  1. You choose the areas that you want to service by postcode and have Full Control over changing those areas at any time
  2. You choose what Trades or Service categories you want to get referrals for
  3. You receive emails informing you about requests from customers that matches your selected area and categories
  4. You decide whether you want to buy a referral after looking at the details as specified by the customer, provided it is still available.
  5. You only pay for referrals you buy.
  6. You can change your Status to "Not Available" when you are snowed under or want to go on holiday.  No more referral notices will be forwarded.
What do we expect from Suppliers
  1. To be legally qualified to do the type of work you ask for on this website.  This means you have an ABN number, have business insurance and licences if relevant
  2. Respond to Customer requests as soon as possible, hopefully within hours, but within one business day at the most, to arrange a time to meet with them
  3. Provide an honest service
  4. Keep customer information confidential & only use it to contact them regarding their request for a quote
  5. Acceptance of our “Terms and Conditions for Casual Members”
What to do Next
  1. Complete the form to the right and indicate your preferred Listing Option
  2. We will contact you and if approved, will open your account
  3. You will be asked to transfer $100 into your “Top-up Account”.  The referral charges are deducted from here and when it gets close to $0, you will be asked top top-up again.