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Choose your service area by postcode.  Full control to change areas at any time
Choose the Trade or Service Categories you want to get referrals for
Receive email notification when  your profile (Area & Categories) is matched with customer requests 
You decide whether you want to buy referrals after viewing the details (if it is still available)  
Only pay for referrals you buy  
You can make yourself Not Available when busy and not receive any referrals
Get an SMS notification for every potential referral sent by email    
Preference to referrals over other suppliers servicing the postcode    
Automatic matching and allocation of referrals matching your profile    
Discounted Referrals    
Customer Contact details sent by SMS never miss a call (optional)    
Use Filters to narrow down what type of referrals you prefer    
Daily Reminder email with all active referrals listed    
You can buy referrals from the Notice Board outside your profile after viewing the details    
Customers get a link to your website in emails sent to them when you are matched with their request    
A designated Agent to assist you with your queries