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Building and Pest Inspection

House extensions are a common practice. Many young couples start with a limited budget when they first set out to build only to do house extensions a few years later. House extensions are being done for a range of reasons. In some cases, an extension of the family might necessitate a house extension. This could happen when a new baby is born but also when elderly parent are cared for to mention a few.

House extensions are often undertaken when income increases. Popular house extensions in this case are changes to living areas. A new media room or alfresco area, a room for the pool table etc are popular choices.

When planning to do house extensions, it is important to plan it well. Make sure all the costing are done accurately as a half finished project could be embarrassing and frustrating. When doing house extensions, carefully consider how the aspect of the house will change. You do not want to have a house where it is obvious to all, that it was added onto. When doing house extensions, thought should be put into how the roof profile will change. It is best to get expert advice if you are not a hundred percent sure how to do it.

Other areas to focus on when doing house extensions includes services like water and electricity. Floor coverings should ideally match that of the older part of the dwelling.

Most importantly, remember that approval for house extensions should be obtained from your local city council prior to starting the house extensions. It could be a very costly exercise if you do house extensions without the necessary approval and when you want to sell one day, this comes to light. It might then haunt you.

House extensions could be great fun and is often met with great excitement in the household. Make sure you plan it well before you start!

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After A Quote for a Building and Pest Inspection? Quick and Easy Process

Get 3 to 5 comparative QUOTES for Building and Pest Inspection right now!!!

Get 3 to 5 comparative quotes in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast for Building and Pest Inspection

After a Quote for Building and Pest Inspection?

When considering the purchase of your home/house, villa, unit, townhouse, duplex then it is important that you are aware of the condition of the property and any defects, including termite (commonly called white ants) damage. A professional pre purchase inspection and full report with photographs will give you peace of mind.

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CJH Builders - Morayfield

CJH Builders is a family owned company and we specialise in undertaking TERMITE REPAIRS, which is the replacement and repair of the damage that termites leave behind. We have gained a good reputation as the most recommended builder north of Brisbane, to engage for Termite Damage Repairs, ranging from major structural repairs to small repairs like window reveals and skirtings. We only use Termite treated timber to repair structural framework and combine this with an approved chemical treatment application, applied to all joins and cuts in the timber, which repels further infestation. Once the termites have been successfully eradicated, it is necessary to get the damage left behind by the termites repaired, as failure to do so may void any warranties given by the Pest Companies. We are also regularly engaged to providing detailed Pre Purchase Building Reports to give clients essential, reliable information when buying a property, to minimise the chance of getting any nasty, unexpected surprises after they buy the property. Our reports provide accurate appraisals of the structural integrity of the home and offer advice on which trades to consult for further advice and cost estimates to repair the problems should they arise. We also undertake value adding BATHROOM RENOVATIONS to the homes of our clients that just what to maintain or freshen up their most valuable asset. The family home. The areas we work are from the Caboolture region to Noosa, west to Ipswich and south to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are fully licensed and insured builders and guarantee our work for quality.