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How It Works

How does it work? Its extremely quick and easy - See For Yourself!

Have you ever tried to get a Quote for a Trade or Service before? Where do you start?

• Get contact details from the local community paper, yellow pages or search online
• Start phoning – just to hear …

“This is the voicemail of “ - you leave a message and 9 times out of 10 don’t get a call back.

• Or, "Sorry, but we are too busy right now" - how many calls do you have to make?

There is obviously another side to this coin – that of the Tradesperson. Most of them work on their own and it is extremely difficult to take a phone call whilst working on a roof top or using both hands. We as customers also don’t appreciate Tradespeople taking one phone call after the other whilst working on our jobs.

Sounds like a catch twenty two situation. No not really.

We have the solution!

After A Quote - An online referral service

When you look for Trades or Services quotes, we put you in touch with suppliers. Instead of you having to phone around and spend countless time and dollars, we get the suppliers to contact you.

Yes, let them call you!

Follow the 5 very easy steps and suppliers will contact you.

Step 1. Enter A Postcode

Simply fill in your postcode and click ´GO´. This should be the postcode where the service is required: for example; should you want a Removalist to pick up in an area different from where you reside, put in that area’s postcode.

Step 2. Select Service

A list with trades and services will appear. Select the Trade or Service you are looking for, by clicking the “select button” next to it. If we have Suppliers listed that service the area you require, that service will appear in the top box. If we only have suppliers servicing neighbouring areas, it will come up in the box below. We will however endeavour to get someone to contact you should this be the case.
Now that you have selected the service you are looking for, complete your details (email, name and phone number). This enables suppliers to contact you. All suppliers have signed an undertaking that they will honour your privacy and that they will use your information only in connection with your request. For more – read our privacy statement.
The next page lists possible activities for the service you selected.  To help us match your needs to the most suited Suppliers, please select the ONE activity that describes your need the best.

You will receive an email to verify your details.

Step 3. Verify Your email
When you receive this email, which should be within seconds, make sure your details are recorded correctly and that the correct trade or service was selected.
Click on the link "Click Here To Activate".  This will list the Suppliers that operate in your area.
Now move on to the final step.

Step 4. Select Suppliers
Up to five Suppliers will be listed.  If you want to get quotes from all, simply click on "GO".  Hold your curser over the "more" to read about the company.  The star rating is an indication of how other Customers have rated this Supplier.
If less than 5 names appear, it means that these Suppliers are the only ones available for work at the present moment (Suppliers can mark themselves as unavailable when they are busy or away).

Suppliers working in your area will be listed first. Suppliers working in nearby areas only will be listed next. Note that the latter are not obliged to contact you.

Step 5. Receive Quotes

• Once you submit the names you would like to get quotes from, they will be emailed with your request.
• Suppliers should contact you as soon as possible, hopefully within hours, but have agreed to do it within two business days maximum.
• Please note the transaction is between you and the Supplier and that we have no authority or involvement in their businesses. We purely put your request through  to them.
• This may sound like a long process but in reality only takes a few minutes to complete, much less than phoning around.
• Try it and see how quick and easy it is to arrange a quote – and best of all, this service is FREE to you.

Some Other Issues


Seven days after you requested a quote, we will email you a rating sheet. Please take a minute or two to rate the Suppliers that you selected. Your feedback helps us to ensure that our suppliers are of the highest standard. Suppliers with higher ratings, competing in the same area, will get preference to a Supplier with a lower rating.

Payment - Why is it FREE?

Suppliers pay us in a similar way as they would pay search engines. This makes it possible to offer this Great Service FREE.

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Why use After a Quote?

  • Free quotes
  • Quick and easy process
  • High quality suppliers

How does it work?

It's extremely quick and easy - see for yourself!


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